Debi Diamond Biography

Debi Diamond BiographyDebi Diamond: AKA (Debbi Diamond, Debbie Diamond, Debbie Lester, Debi,Debi Dymond, Debi Hanson, Debi Lester, Debie Diamond, Deborah Diamond,Debra Ann Diamond,Debra Diamond,Josi Emerson,Kaviar,Miss D. D.,Shelley Ray,Shelli Rey,Shelly Rae,Shelly Ray,Shelly Rey )
Birthday: May 1, 1965
Astrology: Taurus
Years Active: 1983- 2012
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Brown, Blond
Measurements: 34C-26-37
Height: 183
Weight: 57
Tattoo: Yes (Small ‘flash’ right of mons; Star on top of right foot)
Piercing: Yes (Left nostril)
Frequent partners: Blake Palmer, Marc Wallace, Peter North, TT Boy, Tom Byron

Debi Diamond BiographyDebi Diamond (born May 1, 1965 in San Fernando Valley, California) is an American adult actress and nude model.

She appeared in her first pornographic film in 1983.

Debi resurfaced in 2007 on Myspace after nearly 12 years out of the spotlight. In an interview with porn journalist Gene Ross, she said during her absence she had married (and has since divorced) and had three children. She stated she was considering performing in front of the camera again, is launching her own website and will be making her first public appearance since leaving the porn industry at the 2008 AEE Convention signing for PAW/Arrow.

Hall of Fame
1995 Best All-Girl Sex Scene – Film for The Dinner Party
1995 Best All-Girl Sex Scene – Video for Buttslammers 4
1995 Most Outrageous Sex Scene for Depraved Fantasies
1995 Best Group Sex Scene – Film for Sex
1994 Female Performer of the Year
1990 Best Group Sex Scene – Video for Gang Bangs II
1990 Best Couples Sex Scene – Video for The Chameleon


1995 Female Fan Favorite

Legends of Erotica

Hall of Fame

Debi Diamond BiographyHall of Fame
1995 Best Girl-Girl Sex Scene for The Dinner Party
1994 Female Performer (Body of Work)
1993 Unsung Siren

Identifying marks

Small ‘flash’ tattoo to the right of her pubic area.
Tattoo on the sole of her foot.
Tattoo on her scalp but not visible (This is mentioned in "Debi Diamond’s Dirty Dykes")
Pierced nostril.


Debi Diamond Biography

One of the true pioneers in the adult film business, Debi Diamond grew up in the San Fernando Valley, outside of Los Angeles. Upon graduating from high school, she headed to Hollywood to try her hand at show business. She met up with famed producer Robert Evans and worked for a time as his personal assistant. She was spotted by photographer Helmut Newton, who was so impressed with her lean blonde look that he featured her in several of his photography books in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The contacts she made didn’t really help her acting career, though, and after a while she decided to try the porn business. She made her first adult film in 1980, and her career has gone virtually nonstop since then. Her reputation for doing virtually anything with virtually anyone guaranteed her steady employment. Although she "retired" from the business a few times, each time she came back leaner, meaner and raring to go. The high point of her career was in the early 1990s, when she worked virtually nonstop and her performances garnered just about every award the industry gave out, including induction into the XRCO Performers’ Hall of Fame.

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Sex vintage pics in Easy Access

Sex vintage pics in Easy Access

Free german vintage porn – “Wrong Bet”

Name: Wrong Bet

Year: 1991

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Actress: Deborah Wells,Isabelle Neyle,Annie Barklay,Isabelle Karlieen

Actors: Joey Silvera,Eric Larocue,Roland Rosen

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Name: Ribald Tales Of Canterbury

Duration: 141 min

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Actress: Hyapatia Lee,Colleen Brennan,Buffy Davis,Patti Petite,Beverly Bliss,Stevie Taylor,Josephine Carrington,Debra Lynn,Cheri Janvier,Mary Jayne Forcade

Actors: Peter North,Mike Horner,Marc Wallace,F.M. Bradley,Jon Martin,Chuck Martin,Jessie Eastern,Bud Lee,Howard Darkley,Dennis Duggan,Joseph Queenberry

First there’s the classic ‘Miller’s Tale.’ where a miserly miller cheats two students (Jon Martin and Peter North) until the miller’s wife (Stevie Taylor) and daughter (Page Turner) repay the boys with a piston-pumping daisy chain. Playing a gypsy. Hyapatia has a sizzling girl-girl encounter with the Wife of Bath (Colleen Brennan), while later she inflames the crystal balls on two gypsy studs! And as our lusty travelers reach their final destination, the romantic air of their journey lingers on to become a reality!


Chris Cassidy : porn pics vintage

Chris Cassidy : porn pics vintage

Stormy Shores xxx : “Behind The Blackout”

Name: Behind The Blackout

Duration: 74 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1993

Director: Stuart Canterbury

Actors: Julian St. Jox,Ron Hightower,Jimmy Z.,Shawn Ricks

Actress: Melanie Moore,Janet Jacme,Lilli Xene,Chris Collins,Stormy Shores,StayC

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A huge blackout disrupts the whole city, but not the erotic antics of its inhabitants. If you get lost in the dark, just grab onto somebody and feel your way around! Introducing Players covergirl Stormy Shores, as she shows that she’s not afraid of a little darkness or a little cock!


Tish Ambrose pornstar : “Red Garter”

Name: Red Garter

Year: 1986

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Actress: Nina Hartley,Hyapatia Lee,Colleen Brennan,Misty Regan,Mauvais DeNoir,Kari Foxx,Tish Ambrose,Alexis Greco,Bonnie Belle

In this scorching 1986 sizzler, The Red Garter is the name of a steamy L.A. strip club that’s owned by luscious Hyapatia Lee. It’s a place where guys go to dream away the cares of the day, and where the strippers actually enjoy their time in the spotlight. But now Hyapatia’s lesbian gal pal Colleen Brennan wants her to sell the joint and come live in luxury with her. She doesn’t want to sell, and instead spends her time dreaming of erotic encounters with her well-built lawyer Richard Pacheco. Okay, so the plot’s not all that amazing. The action certainly is! Filled with luscious natural beauties and plenty of strip club bump-and-grind, ‘Red Garter’ has what it takes to get a rise out of any audience!


Deborah Wells naked – “Howard Sperms Private Party”

Name: Howard Sperms Private Party

Year: 1994

Language: English

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Director: Max Hardcore

Duration: 79 min

Actors: Alex Sanders,Jonathan Morgan,Dick Nasty,Tim Lake

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Actress: Deborah Wells,Domonique Simone,Sally Layd,Marilyn Martyn

When the mic is off… the party’s really on! Ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes at the "Howard Sperm Show"? Well tune into this program because Max Steiner sent out his best camera crew to get the dirt… And came back with a truckload! Our story follows Howard Sperm (Jonathon Morgan) and his lovely sidekick, bobbin, (Dominique Simone) as they rise from a local d.j. Act to American cult figures! In the background, hard charging network execs Ms. Pritkin, (new sensation Sally Layd) is gunning to get Howard’s national syndication rights, and she’ll go the extra inches to get them – even if it includes a very bumpy dark road excursion! Meanwhile, Howard’s trusty engineer (Alex Sanders) has the enviable job of screening a female fan (Maralyn Martyn) that will do anything to meet Howard. And we mean anything – and everything!!! But bobbin thinks she may be on the outs once Howard goes big time, so she demonstrates to Ms.Pritkin’s lovely assistant (Deborah Wells) that she is indeed a valuable asset to the show. Yes, there’s a lot more going on than meets the ear, on the "Howard sperm show"- and this expose really uncovers the slime! It’s one program no Howard fan should miss!